Our Neeko 360 is the ultimate event experience. Guests stand on the platform as our camera spins around capturing 360 degrees of high-def video. That video is then sped up and slowed down with custom video FX and graphics. All of this timed to music for the perfect video output.

  • All videos are recorded in HD 1080 for the best possible viewing quality.
  • Looking to have our 360 outside? Not a problem! Out setup is completely battery powered so no need to worry about power!
  • All recorded videos are processed and ready to be shared at one of our sharing stations in 15 seconds.
  • The NEEKO 360 is the perfect choice for corporate events. With the brandable platform and custom enclosure options – it’s the perfect choice to enhance your event.



Add confetti to increase the fun! Either hand thrown or add on our confetti canon!

Custom Graphic Overlays

Our in-house designers will create the overlay graphics as well as optional video intros and outros.

Slow Motion Video

All videos will be processed with different video FX including slow-motion video.

Timed Music

All 360 video FX are timed to the music track for amazing quality output.


Never worry about lighting! We bring beautiful lights to perfectly light the scene and your guests.

Instant Sharing

All of our experiences include instant on-site sharing. You don’t have to wait to post your video on Instagram.

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