Vintage Booth

Handcrafted Beauty

The Vintage Booth

The beauty of a handcrafted, vintage, wooden photo booth combined with a touch screen, professional camera, and studio lighting creates the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

Beautifully Designed

Our gorgeous vintage booth is designed and handcrafted in Australia. Our vintage booth adds the perfect high-end, classy, retro look to your event.

Amazing Quality

Top of the line professional cameras and studio lighting makes sure all of your photos look incredible.

Socially Equipped

Photos, GIFs, boomerangs – all instantly shareable from the integrated touch screen.

Gorgeous Prints

With our state-of-the-art printers, your guests won’t wait more than 8 seconds for their photos! Lightning fast and ready to go as soon as they come out – no waiting for them to dry.


Gorgeous Photos

Professional cameras combined with beautiful studio lighting produces our amazing quality photos.

Multi-Photo GIFs

Take multiple photos to create a GIF file that is instantly shareable – right on the spot.

Custom Print Layouts

Our in-house designers create each and every print layout for our clients – no templates here!

Boomerang GIFs

You’ve seen it on Instagram – let’s do it better. Create a quick video that loops back and forth and send it right to yourself.

Slow Motion Video

Slow things down with our Slo-Mo video experience and watch your guests act ridiculous in slow motion.

On-Site Sharing

All of our experiences include instant on-site sharing. You don’t have to wait to post that photo or GIF on Instagram.


Our backdrops are printed on a pillowcase like fabric and pulled over a custom frame that ensures there are no wrinkles or any glare.


We offer a selection of hand chosen and designed props that are sure to have you and your guests laughing.

Unlimited Sessions

Don’t worry – we never limit how many photos/prints/GIFs/boomerangs can be taken.


All of our backdrops are custom designed by our in-house graphic designers. We’re always coming up with new and different designs to keep our clients happy.

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