Audio Guestbook

Leave A Message After The Beep

Audio Guestbook

The perfect audio guestbook for weddings and other events. A retro rotary phone that’s been gutted and refitted with a mini computer. Your guests can leave you voicemails throughout the night and all of the files are delivered in 24 hours.

Battery Powered

No need to worry about power! Our phones run right off a battery pack!

Custom Greetings

Record your own custom greetings to give instructions and say thanks to your guests for leaving a message.

Shareable Video Files

All of the audio files are also delivered as custom video files for you to share on social media.


Choose from six different colors to perfectly match your theme or aesthetic. Ask us about custom colors as well!

The Phones

Choose from 6 different colors to match your theme/aesthetic. Have a different color in mind? Just let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Audio Guestbook FAQs

See the most commonly asked questions and answers

What is an Audio Guestbook?

Our Audio Guestbook is a retro rotary phone that’s been fitted with a custom mini computer to record voicemails. If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic guestbook, this is the perfect add-on for weddings, events, and parties.

Does the phone require power?

All of our phone rentals include a small battery pack which will provide anywhere from 8-10 hours of recording time.

How long can I rent the phone for?

Our Audio Guestbook can be rented per event, daily, and longer-term to fit your specific needs. Inquire now to get a custom quote for your Audio Guestbook rental.

How does the audio guestbook work?

Our phones work in 3 easy steps…

  1. Guests pick up the phone and listen to a prerecorded message instructing them to leave a voicemail after the beep. (We can even customize this message to be your voice!)
  2. Guests then leave their voicemail – as short or as long as they’d like.
  3. They hang up the phone and the message is saved!

Where can I rent the Audio Guestbook?

Our Audio Guestbooks are available nationwide! If you’re local to the NYC area, you have two options – you can either pick the phone up from our Queens warehouse location the day before your event and dropped back off the day after. Alternatively, you can have one of our attendants bring the phone, set it up, and break it down at the end of the event.

If you’re outside of the local New York City (NYC) area, we can simply ship the phone directly to you with an included return label to ship back after your event. See our other locations or get in touch to discuss your options.

How is your phone different than others?

Our Audio Guestbook is completely streamlined and straight forward to use. One simple plug into the battery pack and it’s ready to record! All audio files along with custom animated shareable video files are delivered in an online gallery within 24 hours of the phone being delivered (or brought back by our attendant) to us.

Where can The Audio Guestbook be used?

Anywhere! Our Audio Guestbook is completely battery powered and does not require an outlet. Add some class and hire one of our white glove assistants to walk around with the phone.

Each Rental Includes...

  • Choice of phone color
  • Battery pack to power phone for 8-10 hours
  • Unlimited message recording
  • Custom recorded greeting message
  • Custom animated video files of each recording
  • Online gallery of all audio and video files
  • All files delivered within 24 hours of receiving the phone back (if shipped)

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