Camera Array


The Neeko Camera Array

Our Neeko Camera Array will add that extra WOW factor to your event. We use carefully calibrated and synced cameras to capture truly amazing content that your guests will love to share!


A clean and simple setup that hides all of the wires makes our array a perfect fit for any number of events.


Choose between a 7 camera, 11 camera, and 14 camera configuration. The more cameras – the greater the WOW!

Socially Equipped

Share our 3D GIFs right on the spot with our included iPad sharing stations. Your guests will be anxious to post their GIFs right away.

Gorgeous Prints

Want prints with your array? Not a problem! Our software can create a custom branded photo that guests can print out while sharing their 3D GIFs.


Choices Choices Choices

Want more cameras? Select between a 7 camera, 11 camera, or 14 camera configuration.


Add confetti to your array package for an added 3D look.

Custom Print Layouts

Create a branded photo along with the 3D GIF for guests to print out as they’re sharing.


Our backdrops are printed on a pillowcase like fabric and pulled over a custom frame that ensures there are no wrinkles or any glare.

Unlimited Sessions

Don’t worry – we never limit how many photos/prints/GIFs/boomerangs can be taken.

On-Site Sharing

All of our experiences include instant on-site sharing. You don’t have to wait to post that photo or GIF on Instagram.


All of our backdrops are custom designed by our in-house graphic designers. We’re always coming up with new and different designs to keep our clients happy.

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